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Join The Network

To join the Game Loot Network you must be referred by a member. Please go to the website of the member who referred you to join. If you were not referred by a member, please contact us at [email protected] and we will refer you to a member.

Below are the three ranks initially available to every user:



It is completely FREE to become a Member. Members are eligible to play games and compete against others. However, they cannot win tickets and prizes or earn rewards for referring others.



Ambassadors gain the potential for massive six-figure commissions, as well entry to Game Loot Network’s premium features. To achieve the Ambassador badge rank, you must reach $100 in monthly personal volume. This can come from your own purchases or purchases made by users you invite to the platform.

NOTE: Although it is OPTIONAL, you may purchase a monthly subscription for $125 a month, which includes $100 of Personal Volume (PV).